Hi Rick, Mary and entire staff at Straube’s Aircraft Service. Departed your shop and Kingman today at 1500…. arrived back in Camarillo, CA (262 NM) about 1.5 hrs later. To say I was VERY IMPRESSED with your operation is an understatement!)! Everyone I encountered in the ’shop’ from your son Sean, John the A&P, and the young lady laying out striping on wheel pants, were the friendliest, most professional individuals I have ever met. You guys treated me wonderfully, were helpful in providing tools I had forgotten to pack, and answered all my questions without hesitation.  I am still amazed and in awe of the entire operation/production I witnessed today … everyone working their ‘tails’ off and getting it done! The planes that were outside on the ramp which you recently painted were remarkable works of art and a true testament to the pride you guys take in painting aircraft.
Rick…. you have a great bunch of folks at your shop, ‘taking care of business’. I’m sure you know this. I just wanted you to know that I am extremely pleased so far with your service!
And thanks again to the guys who went right out and covered my aircraft with plastic to keep it protected while other aircraft were being worked on in the area. This customer really appreciates those small attentions to detail….Please convey to all those who assisted me today in dis-assembling my aircraft….I “THANK YOU”!

- Jack

That looks AWESOME! Who knows, maybe it will win an award or trophy at one of the many Fly-Ins I plan to attend this summer.  I’ll bet a lot of your customers enjoy seeing such a great work of art in progress as they walk through your hangar.
I can’t say enough how much I like the way this has turned out!!! Un-freaking believable!
BTW… I told Rick he could put ‘Straube Aircraft Painting,  Kingman, AZ’ on the right side of the empennage under the RT horizontal stabilizer.  Did he? If so, I’d love to see a photo, (hint, hint)
I can’t tell you “THANKS” enough times, Mary. I absolutely owe you for all the effort you have gone to keeping me “in the loop” as far as this paint project is concerned.
Rick, Thank you for the awesome paint job and for putting up with me for the last 2 days. I tried not to be too picky. I appreciate all your help and service and that of all your workers too! I will show it off and continue to send you work in the future. Thanks again

- Tom

Jim, Thanks for the great service and beautifully painted airplane. Business with your company was really a great experience. I appreciate the working relationship with you and your sons on the project. The paint looks truly outstanding! It all blends well (paint, stripe, etc.)  has an excellent glossy finish, and I’m really pleased beyond words with the result.

Thanks again.

- Greg

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