Our most common questions


What is your basic work scope on aircraft

(Subject to change depending on aircraft or customer requirements)

  • remove flight control if required by manufacturer/customer specifications (Customer to supply necessary manuals min. 1 week prior to A/C arrival)
  • mask for stripping
  • strip aircraft using environmentally safe paint remover
  • acid wash and PreKote
  • *8 hrs. body work and/or corrosion repair (additional necessary/recommended repairs TBD)
  • prep all fiber glass for paint
  • chromate free epoxy primer
  • apply base color: per customer supplied specifications
  • sand and paint struts and wheels (or skids on helicopters)
  • apply layout and N#’s per customer supplied specifications
  • fuel placard installed (placard kits available @ additional cost)
  • static balance and reinstall flight controls (customer to supply necessary manuals)
  • detail for deliver

What are some of your additional costs?

We offer additional services upon request. Examples of some extras are as follows: interior paint, additional body work or corrosion repair, door jambs (includes all cabin and baggage door jambs, canopy), manufacturer exterior placard kits, sand and paint gear wells, corporate VIP clear coat finish, Soot Guard Easy Clean clear coat, SS screw kits, etc…

Which paint brand do you prefer?

Our preferred paint lines are Endura Aviation, Sherwin Williams and PPG Aerospace coatings. We are able to provide quotes for all aerospace paint brands.

What type of stripper do you use?

We use a fast-acting, environmentally safe aircraft coatings remover. A peroxide-based paint remover which can remove even the toughest epoxy and polyurethane coating systems while offering an employee and environmentally safe stripping option.

What is the time frame/down time for a complete strip and paint?

General Aviation – 5 weeks
Helicopters – 5 weeks
Corporate Jets – 6 weeks

What is your shop rate?

Our shop rate is $150.00 per hour.

What paint colors are generally more expensive?

Pearls, metallics and translucent colors.

Do you render schemes?

No we do not render schemes. We do work with a few different design companies that can work with you on the perfect rendering for your aircraft. Their services are at an additional cost but included for all projects over $50,000.00. A lot of our General Aviation customers have chosen schemes online in your typical google search.

How much advance time is needed to schedule an aircraft?

Generally 6 months to 1 year.

Does a standard paint job include clear coat?

The standard paint job does not include clear coat.
Clear coat can be added as an optional item to your project. Clear coat will add another level of protection to your paint job as well as add depth to all colors. With the addition of a clear coat, your lines and markings will have minimal to no feel with a smooth uniform finish.

What is the difference between a strip and paint and a sand and paint?

We chemically strip the aircraft down to the bare metal on a strip and paint. For a sand and paint, we scuff/sand the topcoats and painting over existing paint (this option is only available after aircraft is thoroughly inspected for paint/primer adhesion and deterioration conditions to ensure new topcoat will adhere and last).

What payments are required?

A slot deposit of $5.000.00 is required to reserve a time slot.

A 50% deposit is required upon aircraft arrival (the slot deposit will also be applied towards the initial 50%)

Final payment is due upon aircraft completion.

What is required from me when I drop off my aircraft?

If not done prior to aircraft arrival, we will need your paint scheme and color choices, the necessary manuals to your aircraft, your 50 % deposit and signed contract before we can start work on your aircraft.